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Bed Filling Machines


  Technical Specification
  Model No.   HFFL-300
  Product net width   1500-3000mm
  Product Specification   100-600g/m2
  Output Volume   75-150kg/h
Power Supply   38 V, 50hz, 32 kw
  • Purpose
    For production of bedding products like Quilt comforters, Bed spreads etc.

  • Characteristics of production
    Compact and efficient production line for continuous filling of quilts and comforters. Capable of producing 55-60 pcs. of bedding per hours.

  • Applicable Raw Materials
    Natural Fibres like cotton, wool or man mad synthetic fibres like polyesters or acrylic.

  • Process of Production
    Opening, Carding Cross-laying of fibres in required width and GSM and then breaking in to pre determined length before direct filling of the unbounded web in to the comforter shells.