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These machines are stitching machines with more than one needle, and are used for stitching/quilting running lengths of fabrics, where a similar pattern is quilted all along the length and width of the fabrics, these are ideal mass production machines, where various layers of fabric with a variety of fillers can be stitched together.

The fabric to be sewn or quilted is rolled on to a pipe and fitted on the machine, the stitching /quilting takes place with the unwinding of the fabric, the desired quilting pattern is obtained as a result of the movement of the fabric beneath the needles and the placement of the needles ,the movement of the fabric is either cam controlled or computer controlled.

Our HA series machine are such machines, and come in various sizes, which are generally 66", 96" or 120" wide and can quilt upto 30mm thick foam. This has further two types:

a) Mechanical or Cam operated

only shuttle machines with lock stitch): The designs are obtained by changing the cams controlling the movement of the fabric,and the stitch is a lock stitch kind of stitch.

b) Computerised Quilting machines:

The flow or the movement of the fabric is controlled with the aid of a computer which gives the instruction to servo or stepper motors as the case maybe,and complete 360 degree rotation is possible, hence any floral pattern is possible.

In this we have further two types of machines:

1. Lock stitch quilting machines or the shuttle quilting machine :

Sewing mechanism here is similar to the mechanical cam operated machine, but as the fabric movement is CNC controlled , any pattern is possible,at a sewing speed of 500rpm, and is capable of quilting upto 30mm thick foam.

2. Chain stitch quilter or the looper machine or the shuttleless quilting machine :

This machine does not use a shuttle ,but instead a cone of thread is placed on the underside, which makes a chain stitch with the aid of looper. Such a machine has a very high production speed , operating at 750 -1100rpm, and can quilt very thick and dense materials.This is considered to be the most ideal machine for quilting thick foam, with a variety of jump patterns at high speeds.


These type of machines are the those machines which are meant for quilting large panels where in the repeat size of the design is big, these are meant for single large sized panels, where the repeat is big , in such machines, the fabric moves on one axis, and the sewing head moves on the other axis, making it possible to sew any conceivable pattern and in thickness up to 50mm of foam or 1200gsm of polyester wadding .The HFJ-26B is this type of machine.


These are machines specifically meant for tacking of cushions, chair pads and bar stools.The machine can making a variety of tacks and patterns on fibre filled cushion. The tacking on the cushions is done after it has been filled with the fibre, the sewing head is pneumatically controlled, which compresses the filled cushion and the required tack is then done, ensuring uniform fill of the end product.


This consists of a preopener for opening of fibres which are blown through a duct into the Hopper feeder , feeding a double doffer card, the web from the card is taken on to the cross lapper, laying the web in required GSM and width, the piled web of fibres is then cut/broken into the required length, on the WEB BREAKER and automatically filled into the quilt shell, ensuring uniform filling, and maintaining the natural soft feel of the fibres, as no harsh chemical binders are being used.