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Compressing Packing Machine

It is used to compress and pack fibre or feather filled cushions, Pillows or any other High Loft Bedding articles, so as to reduce volume and cut down on shipping costs.
  Technical Specification
  Model   BST- 540   BST- 700
  Power Supply   220v, 50Hz, 400W   220v, 50Hz, 500W
  Air Pressure   0.5-0.8MPa   0.5-0.8MPa
  Packing Capacity   2-3   2-3
  Seal Size   540 x 10mm   700 x 10mm
  Flakeboard Size   540 x 900m   700 x 900m
  Overall Size   1020 x 680 x 1440mm   1020 x 840 x 1600mm
  Weight   150kg   200kg